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Phoenix, Ariz: Casting Call – Hell’s Kitchen – Nov. 18

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Can you stand the heat?

Working in a restaurant is demanding, back-breaking work.

But “working in a restaurant” on reality food TV for a ranting and raving arrogant S.O.B. is only for the young and very ambitious.

If you think you can handle jumping into that frying pan — then go to this casting call:

Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen is looking for top notch chefs 21 and over, who are passionate about cooking and skilled at their craft.

Open call – Thursday, Nov. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe – 3 South 2nd Street in Phoenix, AZ 85004

Email: Hellskitchen@theconlincompany.com to get the specifics.

Good luck!

And if you get on the show, let us know here at Circle of Food so we can root for you.

  1. I Like Hell’s kitchen Because it is hard core and pushy and aggressive and bluntness is fantastic and yes it will wipe a smile of a face or may shame some one and of course for me the smile will not happen until I give Chef Ramsay a fantastic meal and of course all of his friends who come there to eat are his friends and I want to put out a meal that will make me proud and put a smile in my heart and of course with that I would have sweet dreams.

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