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Tucson Culinary Festival 2010 in photos

And the winner is...

Here’s Addam Buzzalini, executive chef for Maynards Market & Kitchen, who was just announced the winner of the Copper Chef Challenge at the last event of the Tucson Culinary Festival 2010.

(Photo credit: Alex Landeen)

The ingredients were Certified Angus Beef and black garlic. Addam created four dishes which the judges went wild for.

Congratulations Addam!

Going incognito

Here is a couple who were waiting in line to enter the sold out Tucson Culinary Festival’s BBQ & Copper Chef Challenge.  I wonder if they ever removed their masks during the event?

America’s Most Wanted could attend the event and who would know.

The event was October 31 so at least they were in the spirit.

Bon Appetit!

I took this photo as I was leaving the Reserve Tasting event. The smiling woman and author is Barbara Fairchild,  longtime editor of Bon Appetite magazine. She’s holding up her new book, Desserts, “the cookbook for all things sweet & wonderful.”  She is going to be starting a blog called Fairchild on Food.

Kids can cook

These two sisters are pretty amazing. They love to cook and not just simple kids’ stuff.  The sisters, Haile and Nia, make videos and they are quite the authority on ingredients and technique.

At the Reserve Tasting, they were “working” with JaxKitchen diligently dishing out green chile polenta stew and informing guests about the ingredients and preparation.

And they worked hard all evening, taking their positions seriously. You can read about how these Tucson kids love to cook here.

  1. Awesome!! Thank you Karyn for mentioning the girls. It was such a fantastic event, they had a blast and It was great to meet you!

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