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Party Punch

This cauldron effect for Halloween is perfect for parties. It is not that expensive to do, and it looks really sweet when people are coming in to your party. All you need to do this is some dry ice and your punch you are making. It does not matter what you put in your punch, alcoholic or non alcoholic, but the dry ice is the key! It will make your cauldron bubble all night 🙂

Make sure that if you are going to try this, keep the dry ice away from others and make sure no one touches it or eat its. Dry ice is very dangerous, but as long as you are careful, it is a great effect!

I know everyone has their own version of party punch, but here is a recipe I have made before!

Strawberry Smoothie in the bottle from the grocery store, 3 cans of Lemon Lime Soda Pop and 6 cups Orange Juice. This make sound gross, but it tastes really good together. Also, make sure to put frozen gummy worms in the mixture for an extra surprise!

Torie Nicholas

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