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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend. If you still have trick or treaters coming to your house tonight, make sure to stock up on candy and be ready for the festivities.

Although I am in college, I still look forward to Halloween and trick or treating. I live off campus in a nice neighborhood and my roommates and I are planning on passing out candy to all the kids tonight. Although I am too old to run around and collect candy, it is still just as fun to pass it out and watch all the cute little kids in their costumes.

Last week, I was also fortunate enough to get to help with the University of Toledo Halloween Walk. UT puts one on every year and it is for the families of Toledo. All the families and little kids come to campus to trick or treat around all the dorms and the Greek Village. It is a really fun event and all the dorms get really into it. Since I am in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega, we decorated the outside of our house, put up lights, and dressed up to pass out the candy. It was a lot of fun and it is a really nice event for the surrounding neighborhoods of Toledo.

Torie Nicholas

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