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The Most Vegeterian Friendly Colleges

Vegetarian colleges are becoming a larger trend throughout the United States. Some of these schools took the initiative to add healthy options, well others added the others only after students campaigned and fought for these rights. Peta did a recent study on the top vegetarian colleges and here are the results!

1. Indiana University

2. Humboldt State University

3. University of Puget Sound

4. Yale University

5. SUNY Purchase

6. Oberlin College

7. New York University

8. University of California-Berkeley

9. University of Pennsylvania

10. University of Florida

Although these are the best vegetarian schools, a lot of schools around the country still offer vegetarian options most of the time. I know at the University of Toledo, they always have one vegetarian option for a main course on top of veggies, salad bar, fruit and other alternatives. Also, they have Crutons, a salad place, tha offers wonderful salads with or without meat.

Torie Nicholas

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