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The Best and Worst Colleges

Men’s Fitness did a study on the healthiest and the worst food campuses around the United States. Healthy eating is being a larger concern on college campuses due to the Freshman 15. Too many freshman at eating too much everyday, and gaining weight like crazy. Some campuses are trying to fight the freshman 15, while others are sitting back and not trying in order to save costs.

At the University of Toledo, they offer some healthy options, but still a lot of unhealthy options. I worked at one of the dining halls and my boss even said she orders most of the unhealthy candy bars, and other snacks because that is what sells. I feel like this is a huge problem on college campuses because the university buys what sells. This is all based on supply and demand. You buy what sells, and a lot of healthy options are not selling right now. Although this may be true, the university could do a campaign or other promotional offer to increase sales of healthy food across campus.

Here are the Healthiest Colleges:

1. Dickinson College (PA)

2. Colgate University (NY)

3. Boston College (MA)

4. Wheaton College (IL)

5. University of Vermont (VT)

6. Gustavus Adolphus College (MN)

7. Grove City College (PA)

8. Texas Christian University (TX)

9.Baylor University (TX)

10. University of Richmond (VA)

Here are the Unhealthy Colleges:

1. University of Lousiana, Lafayette (LA)

2. University of New Orleans (LA)

3. Mississippi State University (MS)

4. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (IL)

5. Portland State University (OR)

6. University of North Carolina, Greensboro (NC)

7. Eastern Michigan University (MI)

8. University of Kentucky (KY)

9. SUNY College, Brockport (NY)

10. University of South Florida (FL)

The results of th surveys were based on 10,000 students. They were asked a bunch of questions regarding their weight gain or loss, the fitness, eating facilities and more.

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