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The Official College Food Pyramid

College Food Pyramid

I came across this online and thought it was very funny, yet very true. It shows the most eaten foods in college all the way up to the very top. I agree with a lot of this, but think one big thing they are missing is pizza.

The bottom of the pyramid starts with food from vending machines. Vending machines are all over campus, and at UT, you can even use your rocket card to purchase food from the vending machines.

Above the vending machine food is the beer, soda, red bull, and coffee on one side. I think this is very true because so many of my friends will tell me how all they had the entire day was either Starbucks or an energy drink. I also know some people who will not eat during the day just to save calories for beer so they do not consume too many calories.

On the other side of the second level is Carbs. Carbs are a huge part of a college student’s life because they are easy to make and very cheap. Some favorite carbs in college include rice, pasta and ramen.

On the third level of the pyramid, there are buffalo wings and condiments. Buffalo wings are not a big thing for me personally, but a lot of college students do go out for beer and wings, especially during sport games. Condiments are on there because they are so cheap and always available. Our house at UT always has the most condiments out of anything.

On the top of the pyramid is food that will likely poison you. I do not know if I agree with this section, but maybe more so for guys who eat rotten food or poisonous food. I think a better food item here would be pizza.

Overall, this pyramid is a very accurate depiction of typical college students eating habits. Do you agree?

Torie Nicholas

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