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Tucson Food: Eat Yourself at Tucson Meet Yourself – Oct 8-10

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Tucson Food: Eat Yourself at Tucson Meet Yourself

This weekend downtown Tucson will rock and roll and ham and jam it up with two great events. First there’s the 2nd Saturday and then Tucson Meet Yourself on October 8-10.

Every imaginable food and some food you have never imagined will be yours to eat at the Tucson Meet Yourself weekend extravaganza. There are dozens of cuisines to choose from — a melting pot just stirring to be consumed. Think Croatian, Danish, Columbian, Oaxacan, Chinese, Korean, Jamaican, Middle Eastern, Filipino, Indian, Native American, African, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Kurdish, catfish, BBQ, and more. You can check out the food vendor list here. Get your tastebuds revved.

Then there are iron chef competitions between high schools and cooking demonstrations. Bam!

Last year it was someone’s bright idea to have the entire month of October be filled with Tucson food festivals.

I don’t think that is going to happen except the wildly popular Tucson Culinary Festival does take place October 28-31 and you can buy tickets now but I’ll write more about that later.

If there’s a food festival happening in Tucson or elsewhere that I don’t know about, please send the info to karynzoldan@yahoo.com

  1. Mia: I am a director of the Oracle Historical Society and representative
    of the Key Ingredients program sponsored by the Smithsonian.
    However, what I really enjoyed was wandering away from the booth
    and being part of the crowd – the ethnicities, food booths and happy
    mood. One day the world can be this way; your part in having this
    event is part of the possibility, Best and thanks, Arthur Smith
    P.S. I’ve sent this email to you from a few different sites out of a
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