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Great Ways to Keep Off the Freshman 15

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College is a lifechanging experience and if you can make it through your first year, you are a lot less likely to gain extra weight down the road. Keeping it off is hard when the experience is so new, and students are adjusting, but with these tips, it should be a little easier to keep off the weight.

1. Walk everywhere.When you are a freshman, you probably don’t have a car so this makes it easier, but walking is something simple that can make the difference. Walking back and forth on campus throughout the day can add up quick.

2. If you live on-campus, take the stairs.The elevator may seem easier, especially when you are carrying a lot of books, but walking up and down the stairs helps. Even do this when you are on campus at classes. It also saves time because everyone tries to take the elevator when it is full.

3. Play a club sport.Most campus clubs have intramurals against each other for a fun competition. Not only do you not have to be good, but it is a lot of fun to play with and against your friends.

4. Workout. This is very important. Working out 30 minutes a day is a great way to keep off the weight. If you have never worked out before or want to start slow, just walk the track with your friends and slowly build it up to jogging, then sprint some laps and alternate until you build yourself up.

5. Take Classes at the Rec. These workout classes are free and will keep you motivated to continue your workout, even if you are tired. I even work harder and longer if I am in a class working out.

6. Eat the special. Using dining halls will post a daily special that contains a meat, veggies, and a grain. This will help you stay on track with eating a balanced meal without even thinking about it.

7. Skip desserts. You will be motivated by the unlimited amount of desserts during each meal, but you must learn to stay away from this and instead of having dessert, have fresh fruit or yogurt.

8. Love the veggie sides. Each campus offers a great salad bar, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and other vegetarian items for those who do not like meat. This food is usually a lot healthier and you can eat more of it without feeling bad about yourself.

9. Drink water. Water keeps you hydrated and make sure you stay away from too much pop. Pop is not good for every meal and water will keep your body feeling better anyway.

10. Beware of eating out late. This includes going out for fast food at 2am, but also having a movie night with your friends and snacking all night long on ice cream and pizza.

11. Buy healthy snacks. You will get hungry between meals, so make sure to buy healthy options to keep in your room.

12. Stay away from too much alcohol. Beer and liquor contain a lot of calories that people don’t think about. Make sure you drink minimum drinks and stay safe.

Torie Nicholas

  1. I’ve also heard that if you can maintain your healthy weight until you reach 40, you’ll be thin for the rest of your life. Why? Because you’ve established healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime.

    As with anything, you can starve yourself, or exercise 6 hours a day or eat only grapefruit, or whatever – but it is not sustainable for a long period of time without doing not only harm to your body but by “cheating” and going back to your old unhealthy ways.

    With any lifestyle, ask yourself honestly, if this is something that you could keep up and live with for a long time and is it contributing towards your life goals.

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