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College Eating Requires Self-Control

CCT at the University of Toledo
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Walking onto campus my first year, I remember thinking things would be different from there on out, and they were….

My freshman year, I was given the option of having 15 meals a week, or 19 meals a week. What a choice right? During each week, I would be lucky if I swiped 10 to 12 times. So first off, I was wasting money each week and they weren’t allowed to roll over. On top of this, during each swipe, you are allowed to eat as much food as you want. Not only does each dining hall have a main course, but it has multiple main courses, sides, desserts and more.

I was pretty good about controlling what I ate, but I definitely could not say the same about other people. Hence, the freshman 15 I have even heard that the freshman 15 is becoming the freshman 30. I never really gained weight moving from high school to college, but a lot of my friends had this problem. One of my friends gained 40 pounds her first year because she stopped swimming and started eating more. Another one of my friends stopped cheerleading and gained 20 pounds her first year.

I think the reason why I was able to keep it off was because I cooked a lot at home and ate a lot on my own because I was so busy in high school. My mom had taught me how to cook, and how to cook healthy while still enjoying the food. This provided me with a great advantage in college.

Although this was never a problem for me, the year before I came to UT, they had an unlimited meal plan. Yes, it truly was unlimited. Each student was given 1,000 swipes a DAY. Although no one ever used that many, I heard some people got pretty ridiculous. Some of my friends told me they would swipe in just to hang out with their friends and end up getting more food just because they could. This idea was not good for self control and I’m sure it also cost the university a lot of money.

Basically, freshman year is the hardest for students to adjust. They have to live on their own, have responsibility, cook some of their own meals, monitored they go to class and do homework, and on top of everything, have self control. I am very mature for my age, and I feel like this helped my freshman experience. Make it be what it is, but watch out for the freshman 15.

Torie Nicholas

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