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Short Pasta
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CARBS are what take over people in college. I am not even kidding. Carbs make up so much of a person’s diet and it is only getting worse.

1. Most of my friends do not know how to cook, so they just make pasta, or rice, or pizza, or Ramen everyday.

2. Foods consisting of carbs are the cheapest foods to buy for poor college students. Potatoes are $2 a bag, Ramen is 25 cents per pack, rice is $1 per box, pizza is $4 for an entire frozen pizza, and pasta is $1 for a whole box…. get my point?

3. There are a lot of carbs in alcohol and many college students drink every weekend. A typical freshman guy can have 10 to 20 beers in two nights. YUCK!

4. Carbs fill you up short term, and so people eat them because they get full. What they don’t know is most carbs don’t keep you full and you end up getting hungry quicker.

Bad carbs come from:


-Soft drinks

-processed food like candy, cake, and chips

-refined grains like white bread and white rice

Torie Nicholas

  1. The bright side is that if they simply add another low-cost food – beans and lentils, they work as a pair and not only keep you full, but give you necessary protein for energy.

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