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Dining Statistics

I went to I-Crave today, the on campus café I use to work at and asked if I could just stand back and watch. I do not work there anymore because I got a marketing internship, but my boss, Jo, said it wouldn’t be a problem.

I was at I-Crave for about 30 minutes during the busy rush so I was able to view interactions and what was happening. In the 30 minute period, almost all the food ordered at the grill was either a cheeseburger or chicken fingers. Even though there are healthier options liked grilled chicken or a veggie burger, only 3 were made for customers.

Also, customers have the choice of receiving fries or another side. The other sides include side salads, fruit, veggies and dip, yogurt, ect. Only 5 people, out of about 50 people asked for an alternative side. That means, 90% of students on campus ordered fries as their side. On top of this, a couple people waited in the whole grill line just to come and get fries as a side.

Besides the grill eating habits, I went and talked to our cashier as she was ringing people out. Most of the items were “meal swipes” because you do not have to use personal money, but there were a lot of random consumption items as well.

Most of the snack items bought were bottled pop, candy bars, gum, ice cream, slushies, and chips. During this 30 minute time period, I did not see anyone buy fruit (unless it came with their meal swipe) and I only saw one or two people buy beef jerky and nuts (a healthier alternative to candy bars).

Now does any of this surprise me? NO. Do most of my friends eat like this all the time and are still in shape without working out? YES. WHY….

Because it is college and in my opinion, when students can get away with eating unhealthy, they do. Now I know this is not true for everyone because some of my friends are healthy freaks, but they are the minority. We need to get to word across on college campuses why it is so important to eat healthy and try to promote this because the campuses sure aren’t doing very much about it.

I remember when I worked at I-Crave, there was this really nice freshman guy that would always come down and order the same thing. He would get a cheeseburger without an veggies and fries and pop, and he is over 300 pounds. It is sad, but I would see his face and know exactly what he was going to order because it was always the same. To top that, he told me once he always came here because he lived in the building. So on top of eating really unhealthy for every meal, he wouldn’t even walk to a different dining hall or café to try something new. This is why America is fat!

Torie Nicholas

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