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Digging Deeper In

I am starting an experiment at my house this week without telling anyone. I am going to watch everything people eat, but not let them know they are being recorded.

I think this will change the food items consumed for Lauren and Sam mostly. I usually always eat about the same food regardless, and Lu says she is never hungry.

I think this hidden investigation will make a difference.  Even since last night, I found out more food my roommates ate that they didn’t share because it was after the fact.

Lauren had ended up eating mashed potatoes for lunch (but felt the need not to tell me) and Sam ended up having 2 pieces of free pizza because she was studying late.

I am going to observe everyone until the beginning of next week and give you a breakdown of everything we all eat.

My Predictions:

  1. People eat more when they are not being watched or measured
  2. People eat less healthy when they are not being watched or measured
  3. People lie about what they eat to make themselves seem “better”
  4. During the weekend, my roommates will eat less times in the day, but more for each meal.
  5. During the weekend, my roommates will consume double the fat intake or more from eating meals out.

Now let the investigation begin!

Torie Nicholas

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