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Fad Diets: Are they right for you?

Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution book
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Famous Fad Diets

Circle of Food received a link to an article about the 10 worst fad diets. Only 10?

My curiosity was piqued and I decided to check it out.

OMG! I am guilty of partaking in some of these fad diets in my past.

Of the 10, I have been on the Atkins Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet. Many years ago I went on Atkins and the weight just fell off. I was so thin people didn’t recognize me. I was eating cheese omelets for breakfast, cheese burgers (without the bun) and salads for lunch, and steak with mushroom cream sauce or grilled chicken for dinner and lots of tuna fish salads (without the bread).  And vodka on the rocks with a lime twist. And coffee with cream.

I also craved orange juice and bananas big time.

Eventually after about two months, I got tired of the regime. It was also extremely limiting especially during social situations and I went back to eating normally or normally pigging out. That was probably three decades ago but I also had amazing energy while on that diet.

I also went on the Cabbage Soup Diet along with some girl friends from work. It was gross. That’s all I have to say. Again that was many many years ago and it took me a few years before I ever wanted to eat cabbage again.

This fad diet list will surprise you because there are a few fad diets  listed that I never of — Martha Vineyards Diet anyone?

What fad diet have you been on?  Did it work?  What was most memorable about it?

  1. In college, many moons ago, I used to consume a tablespoon of vinegar each day, thinking it would speed up my metabolism. It didn’t.

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