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2,000th post on Circle of Food blog, healthy food blog, Tucson and the world


I felt compelled even though I am tired as all heck to post the 2,000th blog post, I feel it’s my duty to post and gave me a hiccup of joy.

Thank you to our very talented and consistent bloggers — cartoonist Jennifer Walker and college student Torie Nichols.  Mary Johnson also blogs but she’s the savvy chief web designer and blog/plug-in master. Occasionally, other guest bloggers pop in. We’re always looking for more bloggers who have a passion for a healthy topic or want to grow a following (no diet supplements or MLM).

If you want to blog about being a vegan, vegetarian, or diabetic; good nutrition; challenges of eating gluten free or eating on a budget/feeding a family, eating healthy while traveling, sustainable foods, or any other topic with a focus on health or a healthy environment — contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com

Just for the heck of it, I looked at our search meter statistics and this is what people have been searching for yesterday, today, last 7 days, and the last 30 days.

Yesterday and today

Term    Searches
–the crazy cows     1 – I have no idea about the crazy cows
–wooters     1 – This is Ginny Wooters whom I interviewed last week and am in progress of writing an article about her. She’s the executive chef at The Abbey, a new restaurant coming to Tucson in October. Stay tuned …

Last 7 days
Term    Searches
wooters     3 – not to be confused with Hooters
albertsons irvine     1
duesster     1
ginny     1
the crazy cows     1

Last 30 days
Term    Searches
wooters     3
albertsons irvine     1
duesster     1
ginny     1
greek festival 2010     1 – Tucson’s Greek Festival starts now (Sept. 24-27)
greek sandwiches     1
liberty creeck     1
margheriti pizza     1
monnett’s market     1 – Posts about Monette’s Market in Toledo have consistently drawn interest. Thanks Torie!
New Mediterrean     1
nut-free alternatives     1
pizza naples     1
PURPLE COWBOY WINE     1 – I’m going to check this out. I like the imagery.
recipe/idaho potatoes     1
September Chef’s 4-5 Course Meal offerings     1
sex in india     1         What the heck does sex in India have to do with food?
soybutter     1
the crazy cows     1
Trivia about healthy food with answers     1
Tucson Chamber of Commerce     1

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