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Fareway Stores + Trader Joes Say No to Bad Eggs, Speak Out!

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Kudos to Trader Joe’s and Fareway Stores (the latter in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska) who have emphatically said NO to further selling DeCoster factory farm eggs which is responsible for the Iowa egg recall.

According to Food Democracy Now! more than 30,000 people spoke out to end the reign of terror in grocery stores regarding DeCoster’s factory farmed eggs.

Grocery stores must put the safety of people first when it comes to finding trustworthy food suppliers.

What’s wrong with DeCoster and Hillandale family farm facilities?
While the advertising for eggs might make you think farm fresh and fields kissed with sunshine and blue skies — it is anything but. According to the Iowa Independent news, FDA inspectors found rodents, maggots, wild birds, and manure piled up to 8 feet high.

So far there’s been more than 1,300 illnesses linked to salmonella-tainted eggs. The FDA inspections are so few and far between that these mega egg producers don’t worry about having to fix the problems.

If you shop at Costco, Albertsons, Safeway, Ralph’s, Marc’s and Wal-Mart, it’s time to demand they join with Trader Joe’s and Fareway to put the safety of shoppers first. Power to the people!

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Food Democracy Now! has many ongoing campaigns to make the planet safer for the food you eat and the water you drink, so check them out.

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