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Under the weather

Since I am up at school again and very busy, I just got sick. I have been waking up everyday at 6:30 to have class, work out and work almost everyday. I like keeping busy, but with this busy lifestyle, I am drained and not feeling so good.

I was wondering if anyone had “family tricks” or special foods to eat to get better quickly. I can rest sometime, but need to start feeling better soon because of work and class. I can not afford to miss any of this.

Thanks for all your thoughts :))

Torie Nicholas

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Personally, I always feel better when I up my servings of vegetables. It is easy to drink low-salt tomato juice as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, microwave some fresh broccoli or cauliflower, snack on carrots. I bet you’ll feel better soon enough. Don’t push yourself too hard!

  2. I feel better if I can nap even if it’s for 15 minutes. I always say I’m going to learn to meditate but so far every time I’ve tried even with classes I fall asleep. I think meditation helps as does deep breathing and not getting dehydrated or hungry.

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