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Eating Just to Eat

apple and carrots
Image by Alesist via Flickr

So I never thought I did this because I don’t really snack on foods or eat too much, but since school started a week ago I have noticed to eat less because of my schedule. I have class from 11 to 5 twice a week so it pretty much cuts into my lunch and almost my dinner. So instead of packing a lot of food to eat during my classes, I usually have one fruit and one veggie I bring, on top of my cereal I had for breakfast. From 11 to 5 I barely eat the 2 fruits and vegetables because I am busy and involved in class so I do not think about eating.

Also, I usually work over dinnertime so do not get to eat until later, but never get too hungry because I am so busy as work.

So, I guess it is true that I can overeat even though I never knew it.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Yes, it can be surprising – unless we actually write down what we eat when we eat it. Those mini-size treats can add up.

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