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I Crave is a dining hall type convenience store with a grill and pizza station. This is my new home at the University of Toledo where I am employed.

I not only enjoy this job because I have a lot of experience working in the food industry, but it is a great solution to saving money because I get free meals when I work.

For the meal, I can get either pizza, an entree salad, a burger, grilled chicken, or grilled cheese. For sides, I also can pick fruit, yogurt, salad, fries, bread sticks or something else. I also get milk, juice or pop. This entire meal combination makes it very nice for me being on a budget.

I just have to be careful not to eat the grilled food too much because it is cooked with oil and contains more fat.

However, the University is making campus healthier and we only care whole wheat bread and buns, have all boneless skinless chicken breasts, and carry lots of fresh fruits.

I have enjoyed this job so far and look forward to the challenges ahead!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie
    What are you doing at the new job?

    Interesting that grilled has fat. I would like to think that when I order a piece of grilled chicken, that maybe the grill has been brushed lightly with a modicum of fat but that grilling is the healthier choice as compared to say fried.

  2. It could be that they are injecting the grilled chicken breast with flavorings in an oil solution in order to make it more appealing–that could be jacking up the calorie content significantly.

    Just hypothesizing, of course, but it’s a possibility.

  3. Well the grilling is still healthier than fried, but we cook it on a huge stovetop skillet with a little oil.

    I started as a substitute, but my boss now assigned me to lead grill so I am cooking everything.

  4. Do I see a future Chef Torie in the making headed for TV stardom – only waiting to be discovered? I can see it now – pink frying pans!

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