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Fettuccine Alfredo

Image by kawaface via Flickr

This recipe is NOT healthy, but is nice treat every once in awhile. I made this recipe for my little sister in the sorority last night as a treat for her, but even after eating it for one meal, it is very rich and thick.


-2 sticks butter

-small container of heavy whipping cream

-Parmesan cheese

-salt & pepper


-pasta noodles


First, boil the pasta and set aside when done. In a saute pan, start frying the garlic. Then add butter and the whipping cream. Cook until it starts to get thicker. Then add the cheese and continue to cook. Once it starts to get thick, add the pasta and set to the side. To top, add seasoning.

This recipe is wonderful and my mom taught me how to make it years ago!

Torie Nicholas

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