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Joy of Soy Beans

CDC edamame
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Soy bean products used to be considered odd but not so much now or at least in some circles.

I use some soy products because milk doesn’t always agree with me as I have a mild lactose intolerance.

Soy products are not recommended for everyone but for people who prefer an alternative to dairy or who follow a vegan diet or want a non-meat protein — the joy of soy it is.

I like mixing equal parts shelled  frozen edamame (soybeans) and frozen corn (lightly cooked) then toss with a ginger spiked vinaigrette and top with crispy canned onion rings or a handful of wasabi peas. Easy and healthy.

Here’s an informative article submitted by the Environmental Science blog demonstrating the many delicious soy bean products available today.  Try something new!

  1. Wonderful soy products kept me from feeling deprived after I developed an allergy to dairy products. Soy sour cream, cream cheese and soy creamer for my coffee are all things I use regularly. They taste great too!

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