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On Sale: Godiva Chocolates, Life is Sweet

Godiva Chocolatier
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Annual sale: Godiva Chocolates

Chocolate! There are sales and then there are sales. My favorite sale is when something I truly could not afford or a what I deem as a luxury goes on sale…in this case, Godiva chocolate.

Recently, my greyhound died. She was 12 years 9 months and lived with me for 10 years 6 months, a lifetime, more than some of my friends’ marriages. Believe it or not, she was the alpha bitch. I miss her madly.

I think I will treat myself to some Godiva chocolate which is on sale for a short period of time. Life is short and sweet, so eat more chocolate. And…make it the good chocolate.

Not everything at Godiva is on sale but some things are including the creme brulee and chocolate creme coffee. I’m not usually a fan of flavored coffee but just a tablespoon mixed into the pot with my regular espresso coffee gives the everyday stuff an appreciable richness out of the ordinary.

Check out the chocolate bars, tins, baskets, dessert cups, cocoa, signature truffles of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates.

This sale won’t last forever…so treat yourself to an indulgence for doing a job well done, or conquering a fear, or being kind to a neighbor, or accomplishing a goal or tell your friends to bring the wine and you’ll bring the Godiva.

You are so worth it!

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