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Best of: 50 Shots of America (the first half)

Over at Sips & Shots I made a Master List of the states and cocktails we’ve covered so far and it brought up the question of favorites.

My favorite drink, so far, of the first half of the series is North Carolina’s Glazed Doughnut. Hands down it wins in both flavor and ingenuity–it’s been my toughest challenge, so far, and that adds to it’s appeal. And, you know, it’s pretty darn tasty!

The next favorite is South Carolina’s Hospitality Suite. Peach schnapps and tea is even better on these hot summer days than it was was back in February when I first made it.

Rounding out my top three picks was tough but I finally settled on New Jersey’s Zipper Berry. It’s nice to have a non-alcoholic drink in the mix for those times when you want something just as tasty but without the booze.

Those are my picks, do you have a favorite among the last 27 states? Looking forward to one of the upcoming states in particular?

Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker

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