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My Pyramid

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Do you follow the traditional food pyramid when picking out your meals? Well, even if you do, you might not be on the right track.

Ever since the food pyramid came out, they review the pyramid every 5 years and make changes based on findings. Well the new pyramid looks completely different and would shock some people.

The MyPyramid’s new idea is to offer personalized eating plans and different interactive tools to help all different Americans make food choices based on their needs.

It makes sense once you go on the website and read more about it, but from the picture, I think it is a little confusing. Most of the categories look the same size. And what ever happened to fruits or vegetables?..Now its more vegetables than fruits according to the new pyramid.

The very cool new thing about this program is the website offers a free menu planner where you can type in your personal information and it will help you determine your goals according to your age, weight and daily exercise.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie, I agree the new graphic for the food pyramid is confusing. I don’t get a sense on the size of the categories either. Maybe they should just go to a pie chart (no pun intended). I did like playing with the menu planner though. Thanks for sharing that!

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