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A meal fit for Popeye

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Popeye was a great show that was on when I was little, def. an old time favorite. But what made me think of Popeye??… Well of course his signature meal. SPINACH. I feel like that is the only thing he ate on the show and he was always getting stronger.lol

But the reason I’m talking about Spinach and Popeye is I have a very simple recipe for wonderful cooked spinach.

My brother HATES HATES HATES spinach and he will even eat this. It still is healthy and tastes less leafy (which is a major plus for younger kids to try)

It sounds simple, but put together, it is fabulous!!!

You will need:



-Olive Oil

-Feta Cheese



Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie

    You’re right. Easy. I love spinach and often use it as the basis of my salads vs. lettuce.

    I would throw some garden fresh tomatoes into this salad.



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