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Dinner with Australian winemaker from California. What a Cupcake.

My dinner with an Australian born winemaker now living in California. He’s quite the Cupcake.

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Richardson who is the winemaker at Cupcake Vineyards in Livermore, Calif.

Dinner was at Pastiche Modern Eatery in Tucson and included Edie Jarolim, contributing food editor for Tucson Guide and Bonnie Lewis, Tucson Citizen wine blogger and moi.

First Richardson poured a Cupcake Pinot Grigio; it was by far the creamiest pinot grigio I’ve ever tasted. The wine is described as a full wine with flavors of dried apricots, citrus fruits, peaches and cream concluding with a long full finish. The finish was so full that this wine remained my favorite all night long. I usually think as pinot grigios as more crisp but this was indeed surprisingly creamy, full, and memorable.

As Richardson talked about this wine making and his craft (he acquires grapes from three continents), he poured and we drank Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc, dry Riesling, Mosel Riesling, Chardonnay (spicy/creamy), Pinot Noir, and Merlot. We all had our favorites and less favorites. As I said mine was the Pinot Grigio. Jarolim favored Mosel Riesling. Lewis favored the Merlot and Richardson favored them all but was particularly fond of the dry Riesling which I liked too. I was shocked that I liked the dry Riesling. Suggested retail prices for wines ranged from $10 to $14.99.

Cupcake Vineyards acquired its name because at the time, cupcakes were popular. Fortunately, for the vineyard cupcakes are still popular. While sitting on a shelf in a wine store or grocery store, will men reach for the wine named Cupcake? According to Richardson, yes, especially if they have had the wine before. But women while shopping in grocery stores make most of the wine purchases.

Richardson suggested pairing Pinot Grigio with oysters, Sauvignon Blanc with salad that has pears or apples, Mosel Riesling with pate, dry Riesling with salami…dessert with Merlot…this was toward the end of the evening and quite frankly – he talked fast and try as I might, I don’t recall the exact pairing ideas just that he was extremely knowledgeable and confident with his choices.

This wine is specifically not marketed to us baby boomers but rather to millenials who are the next new targeted wine population. Move over kids! You can find Cupcake wines locally in Tucson at:

  • Total Wine & More

Cupcake Vineyard wines are available nationwide or can be purchased online.

Check out the winery, the wine maker, and the recipes for cupcakes. I just may have to break my no baking rule and make the curry/coconut/chocolate cupcakes soon.

Now you can have your Cupcake and drink it too. The tag line is “live deliciously”, just do it.

  1. Ha, I liked the Pinot Grigio so well that I took the rest of the bottle (well corked, I hasten to say) home. It was as great as Karyn says. I was surprised that I liked the not-so-dry Reisling, but it wasn’t really very sweet either. Richardson said Reislings were his favorite grapes and told us about the vineyard where he grows them in Australia (can’t recall the region, just know it wasn’t The Hunter). You can tell that he favors them; I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed one, much less two Reislings as well as I liked his.

    And yeah here’s the second word from Cougartown: He was totally a Cupcake.

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