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Artichoke Dip Recipe

Artichoke dip
Image by Alexandra Moss via Flickr

This recipe is one of my favorites. It is quick and easy to make, doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and guests love it! You can prepare it ahead of time and just pop it in the oven when guests arrive for a quick bake.

This recipe is very simple and also amazing!

For the recipe you need:

1 lemon

1 jar of light mayo

2 cans of artichoke hearts

1 jar of Parmesan cheese


Wheat Thins or comparable crackers

First, put the artichoke hearts in a baking dish. Mash them up and add mayo. You will not need the whole jar, but add enough until it is a mixed in and covering all the hearts. Some people like it thicker than others. Once the mayo and artichoke hearts are in, you need to add the cheese. I usually use about 1/2 the container of cheese, but again, its up to you. Once that is all mixed together, add lots of lemon and pepper to top.

Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes on 350. Serve with crackers on the side. Enjoy!

Torie Nicholas

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