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Watermelon Sherbet Dessert

This use to be my favorite dessert when my mom would treat my brother and me to ice cream at Friendly’s.

This dessert is very similar to what they would offer which is called the Watermelon Roll.

It is made using watermelon sherbet (or raspberry), lemon sherbet and lime sherbet. It also calls for small chocolate chips.

Watermelon Bombe

1 quart lime sherbet
1 pint lemon or pineapple sherbet
1 1/2 to 2 quarts raspberry sherbet
chocolate chips (no qty. given on my copy)

Press lime sherbet into Classic Batter Bowl, covering sides and bottom. Return to freezer until very firm.
Repeat for lemon sherbet. Freeze.
Mix a few chocolate chips into raspberry sherbet and fill cavity with it. Freeze until very firm.
Invert Batter Bowl on top of serving plate and wrap a warm, wet towel around it to loosen the sherbet. Slice in “watermelon” wedges to serve.

Makes 14-16 servings.

You will love this!!                  

Torie Nicholas

  1. OMG! Friendly’s! I love that place! Alas, no one here in AZ knows what I am talking about, especially when I reminisce about the watermelon dessert and Fribbles. I will have to try this recipe.

  2. The way the name of the bowl was written got me curious and a quick search turned up that the Classic Batter Bowl is the name of a Pampered Chef product. It has a 2 quart capacity, a spout and a handle and is taller and skinnier than a standard round mixing bowl.

    While bombes, charlottes and other similar desserts have been around for centuries (and illusion foods–of which this is a kinda fun, kitschy example–have been around since the Middle Ages), this version obviously came from some Pampered Chef materials owing to the use of such a proprietary name.

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