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Speedy Rewards

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This is another savings method to take advantage of! It is FREE, easy to sign up, and all it requires is showing your car when you shop at Speedway. The card gives deals and savings for food, gas and other purchases.

You not only earn discounts for gas, but also free merchandise in the store and other valuable coupons.

For example, if you buy 5 drinks of any kind (pop, slushies, or coffee) you get the 6th one free every time with your card. Also, if you buy food (hamburgers, hot dogs, ect) you get the 6th one free as well. Those are just some of the coupon savings.

You can also earn extra points by purchasing the Gold Star featured products. An example of a daily gold star deal would be.. ” buy 2 Coke products and earn double the points on your rewards card.” These featured products advice you to go above and beyond what you would be buying normally, but also for much more points towards your rewards.

I use mine whenever I can and if I am already near a Speedway, what’s the difference?

….Another easy way to save $$$$

Torie Nicholas

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