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Entertainment Book

Entertainment Books for Sale
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The Entertainment Book is a great way to get coupons and special deals not offered anywhere else.

I had always heard of this great book,  but never actually looked into it until my dad bought one this year from a fundraiser. They are various prices depending on where you buy it, but the easiest way to come across one is by going to the website. On the website, you can quickly order one and have it shipped anywhere. If you are looking into buying one now, you can get the “old” 2010 books valid until November for 2 for $10. This is an excellent deal and hundreds of dollars can still be saved until November. The regular price online for a new book is usually around $35.

The best part about the book is the various ways to save. There are 3 main ways to save money.

1. Get coupons from the Book

2. Register online and get more printable coupons

3. Use your entertainment savings card that comes with your book for additional deals

In this book, there are various categories. Some include fast food, casual dining, fancy dining, entertainment, museums, sports games, bowling, movie tickets, car repairs and more. This book has EVERYTHING!!!

I have used mine way more than it is worth and I will continue to use it! Most of the deals are BOGO, but the coupon book does come with some deals that are COMPLETELY FREE. This is another added bonus since you have to pay for the book.

Order one today and it will really be worth it!

Some of my favorite deals in the book are BOGO hibachi (so my boyfriend and I ate hibachi out for $12 total) free pretzels from Auntie Anne’s, BOGO movie tickets, free pizza and thousands more.

Torie Nicholas

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