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Tucson restaurant news: burgers, cooking kids, comfort food

Several pieces of fried chicken.
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Tucson restaurant news

In-n-Out Dissected
Leave it to a geek to dissect the In-n-Out burger. Pass the food science please. Speaking of In-n-Out burger; Tucson will soon be getting its sixth location in September at the Tucson Mall. Current Tucson locations are Marana, Oro Valley, midtown, eastside, and southwest side by I-19/Ajo.

Kids Can Cook
You must see these two Tucson sisters who love to cook. Haile and Nia Thomas are natural born cooking stars who know their spices as well as their ABCs. Check them out.

Montana Avenue
I never understood where that name came from and I’m not holding it against them. Last Thursday I went there for happy hour and it was the kind of experience where I want to go back again soon. It did my heart good to see a local restaurant busy. Although it was somewhat busy during happy hour, as we were leaving, it was jam-packed for dinner. Speaking of Sunday dinner, you can get your big ole comfort food fix on with fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw, homemade biscuits with honey for $14 starting July 25.

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