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Otani Japanese Steakhouse

Hibachi-style grill at EdenH
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Otani Japanese Steakhouse is a fun place to go for a special treat. This Hibachi place located in Akron, OH down in the Valley brings excitement to the dinner table.

Have you ever been to hibachi? Well, this place does all parts of the hibachi dinner. Starting with the soup and salad, then moving to the shrimp appetizer, and finally heading to your main course with meat or seafood, vegetables and rice. It even comes with sherbet at the end of the meal.

Erik, my boyfriend, and I tried this place out the other night. It was not onlyan amazingpresentation, but fun to try something new. The food was better than an average hibachi place, but not the best. Still, with our BOGO coupon, our total bill ended up being $11 for a full meal for 2 people.

Even without the coupon, I would recommend this place to anyone. Also, prices are on the lower end for a hibachi restaurant. 🙂

Torie Nicholas

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