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Murder Mystery Party

German Scientist with detective camera (LOC)
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On July 9th, I had 8 friends over for a night to remember. This themed dinner party is a great idea for something different. For a murder mystery party, the easiest way to plan it is buy a kit. With the kit I purchased, everything came with it; the invitations, music, name tags, character descriptions, and the actual game and character cards.

Once I picked the date and set it up, I had to plan for the night. Part of this planning included buying all the food, decorating and cleaning for the event. I was in charge of all the drinks and dinner, but I had my friends bring dessert.

Once my friends arrived, we sat and had drinks as everyone came. Dinner was served promptly for the guests, and then the party started. Every friend had to dress as their character and act like them the whole time. I ended up being an attorney and was wearing shorts (due to the hot weather), a dress shirt, tie, hat and glasses. It was a lot of fun to get everyone in character.

For the dinner, I served Dijon coated chicken with rice, Greek salad, fruit salad and fresh bread. All the food was easy to prepare ahead of time and have ready for the guests. My friends really enjoyed dinner.

The party was a huge success not only because we all had fun, but also because one of my friends actually guessed the right solution with the murderer. I would really suggest hosting a murder mystery party something. It was worth every second!

Torie Nicholas

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