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West Side Market

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Image by mralan via Flickr

Over the weekend, my aunt and uncle came to visit so we decided to take a trip up to the West Side Market in Cleveland. This market is a very cool place to go because not only do you get a wonderful selection of food, but for a very reasonable price. Going through the outside of the market, you find different vendors selling fruits and vegetables competing for the sales. You can also find dried fruits, specialty items and fresh cut flowers.  When my brother and I were looking around, we got a whole cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, lemons, limes, apples, and grapes all for $8. In a grocery store, one pack of strawberries is usually $4 but not at the market.

Heading inside, the prices get a little higher, but you get top items for your money. Inside they have everything from fresh meats to homemade pastas. They also have tons of seafood, a mediterranian shop and lots of bakery items. Each stand offers unique items taking you through all parts of the world. My favorite selection inside is Hungarian Feta. You can get a pound of it for  $3.99. Athena’s feta is the comparable feta found in grocery stores and it is $3.99 for ¼ to a ½. This is truly a deal!

After leaving, we had a carful of items for a very small price. I wish the market was closer to my house to get these wonderful deals, but I still love the treat of going when I can.

Torie Nicholas

  1. To add my two cents worth, it really is a fun market. We walked through it on our way to the car from the restaurant and since they were closing up shop for the Saturday, they were practically giving things away. We bought 6 containers of strawberries for $2.00. Granted, many of the strawberries were soft and mushy on the bottom of the cartons, but what I could save was worth more than what I paid. That’s half the fun!

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