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Steak on the highway?

Steak award
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Imagine you are driving along the road and suddenly smell steak. Your gut reaction would be yum, and probably think its coming from a grill outside somebody’s house. Well not in North Carolina. In North Carolina, they actually have billboard advertising steak with a scent to entice buyers in.

A billboard for  Bloom Grocery in  North Carolina is testing this form of temptation by not only featuring a larger-than-life photo of a perfectly pink steak, but also pumping out the smell of black pepper and charcoal.

So how do they actually get the scent to your nose without actually using a grill? The answer is Scent Air Technologies. Scent Air Technologies is a company that manufacturers scents. They typically create custom fragrances for hotels and casinos, but now a billboard is on the top of their list.

What do you think about this new technology for billboards??…

Torie Nicholas

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