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Meal Talk

If my friends and I are looking for something to do.. we sometimes go out to eat.

If I am meeting an old friend.. we sometimes go out to eat to talk.

If I am on a job interview… I sometimes go out with the employer to talk things over.

If it is a special occasion.. we always go out to eat.

The big question… Why does everyone make going out and formal dinners a big deal? I really don’t have the answer, but in part, I think it has something to do with why America is getting very obese. We go eat out too much.

Torie Nicholas

  1. You can eat out and not gain weight. It all has to do with smart choices. Being a big fan of The Biggest Loser TV show, and now the new Losing It With Jillian, I see that these grossly overweight people have no realistic idea of proper portion size or calorie content in what they eat. But it is more than just education, there is an emotional side to eating as well. It is eye-opening to see the role that “poor self esteem” has to play in their success or failure.

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