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Los habaneros

Beast Fingers
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Around my other job, I work for my Dad’s company System to Sell fixing up houses. My friend, Amanda, and I were working for him the other day and lunch time came around. So, we all packed up and decided to venture into Shaker Heights and find someplace to eat for lunch. We ended up finding a cute Mexican Restaurant called Los Habaneros. This place was an authentic Mexican restaurant, and all the workers spoke Spanish. (It was pretty cool to hear them talk to each other)

Anyways, we got there, ordered and got our food within 5 minutes. It was awesome how quick they were since we had a short lunch break. So when we got our food their was a small problem for me.. I ordered a quesadilla lunch meal and my friend and dad only ordered a quesadilla. There meal cost $4 and mine cost $6.50. What was the difference??? … Mexican Rice. That’s it. Basically, it said mine came with a salad and rice and there’s didn’t. Well, the salad was shredded lettuce for the queso with a tomato slice on top and some sour cream and their meal had it too. RIP OFF!!! So if you ever happen to go in this restaurant, it is good and I recommend it, but do NOT order the quesadilla meal because it is not worth $2.50 for a side of Mexican rice. Especially when I was too full and couldn’t even eat all the rice.

Torie Nicholas

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