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Fourth of July Cake

This  cake is one of many creations that can be made for the holiday. I personally like this one because it is simple, yet you can mix it up a little bit. My tradition way of making this is using white cake, with vanilla frosting. If you want something different, try pound cake or angel food cake. You can also substitute the icing for a whipped topping. On top of this cake, add cut strawberries in horizontal lines, and a square patch of blueberries in the top left hand corner. This will make a wonderful looking American Flag that your guests will surly love.

If you are not into making cakes, try a red, white and blue trifle or a nice fruit bowl with red and blue berries and vanilla ice cream. There are many ways to make 4th of July desserts so go out and explore. Have some fun along the way!

Torie Nicholas

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