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Eating out on the “Job”

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I am very thrify and hate to spend money unless I have to. One of the ways I try to save money is not eating out a lot because making meals is a lot cheaper. Well, I have discovered while working for my dad’s business, System to Sell, I have to eat out almost everyday. Why you ask?… because it is hard to pack a lunch when there is no fridge and really no place to put your food while you are working. I don’t like going out, but there is really no other option.

That’s how a lot of construction jobs are which is no fun because the hourly wage is not that high. For example, say I work an 8 hour day making $10/hr. I will make $80 but will I really? No. It costs $5 to $10 to drive up and back for the day. Plus, $5 to $10 for lunch depending on where I go.  So, realistically I make $60 to $70 a day when I work. That’s not too bad, but now think about people trying to support their families who eat out, have to drive far to work, barely make above minimum wage, and on top of everything, smoke. Yikes, it has to be expensive. I’m just glad I don’t have to with this kind of money, but it is very interesting to see how much you could save packing a lunch and eating in.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Buy a small cooler and some reusable ice packs. There are lots of them out there and they are very cheap.

    Here is one source for the ice packs that are only $2.99 http://www.thermafreeze.com/store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.pbv.tpl&product_id=3&category_id=1

    Jim and I use these to pack cold drinks and veggies on long trips in the car and they keep things cold a long time. He also uses them to take his lunch to work every day. You can really save a lot of money this way and eat more healthy foods.

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