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Daves Cosmic Subs

Last 'American Meal' pre-departure
Image by livatlantis via Flickr


This sub place in Hudson, OH is one of a kind. When you walk in the doors, you go back into the 80’s with crazy colors, and drawings everywhere. They even have a cool tradition of signing the wall when you go in. There are so many people making history on the walls everyday; now it is even hard to find a spot to write since the place has been open so long.

The restaurant atmosphere is 80’s, but what really makes the restaurant is the super sub menu. This menu is a bit pricey for a sub shop (no $5 footlongs L) but it really does have a lot to offer. My favorite sub there is a Turkey sub. The unique part of the menu is it comes with a whole lot more than the traditional toppings. The turkey sub I get not only has the lettuce, tomato and other regulars, but also has bean sprouts, artichokes, specialty cheeses, grilled onions, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and more. You feel like you are making a gourmet sub, and to me, that is worth the extra money being spent occasionally.

Torie Nicholas

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