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Life is short. Drink chocolate milk for weight loss.

A glass of chocolate milk.
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The people at Eat This Not That are recommending the chocolate milk diet.

Don’t worry it’s not really a diet but rather a recommendation to drink three glasses of chocolate milk a day for weight loss.

I found this intriguing because I don’t drink any milk and I love chocolate milk and could probably swallow. Or better yet, I wonder if chocolate soy milk has the same effect?

Their reasoning is chocolate milk has calcium, vitamin D, ample protein, and boosts your endurance. Their recommendation is to drink a glass of chocolate milk before you exercise for endurance and to drink a glass of chocolate milk after exercise to replace electrolytes. And then to drink a third glass when you wake up which is presumably before you exercise.

They don’t recommend fat-free chocolate milk because vitamin D needs fat in order to be absorbed but rather low fat or 1%.

You can read more about it here and then make up your own mind.

  1. Innnteresting… And I’m glad they pointed out the whole fat-soluble vitamin thing (A, D, E & K all need fats to be properly absorbed and utilized).

    When I was researching the Miracle Mocktail last fall I wondered about using Soy milk for all it’s purported health benefits and I was surprised to find that the juries still out on how beneficial it really is! (And that those who’ve been diagnosed with or who have the genetic markers for breast cancer are encouraged to limit their intake of soy products or avoid them altogether because of the estrogen-like isoflavones.)

    Turned out that coconut milk was absolutely AMAZING, though, health-wise (high is fat, yes, but it’s good plant-fats, anti-microbial/viral/etc.). Maybe chocolate coconut milk will be the next big health thing?!

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