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Tucson: Raw Foods and Vegan Master Chef

Raw food pizza
Image by Akajos via Flickr

Last night at 2nd Saturday in Tucson, there was street food and much of it looked amazingly tempting.

We talked briefly with Kosan who is a master vegan and raw foods chef who recently relocated to Tucson from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia. Kosan has been a chef and educator of healthy cuisine and lifestyle for more than 25 years and owned restaurants in North Carolina and California.

We had already eaten but his food offerings looked delicious (but he needs better signage). I was intrigued by the raw pizza and will order that next time I go to 2nd Saturday. I hope he’s there.

On the way back, my friend bought a slice of the fruit pie. The crust which was made from several types of ground nuts and coconut was not baked; hence, raw, although it tasted baked which is the beauty of the technique. This succulent crust held a bounty of vibrant peaches and berries.

You can learn more about Chef Kosan and raw foods at his website.

A visiting raw foods chef is teaching a class at Academy Village Center this Saturday, June 19.

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