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Cookbook Review: BBQ 25 – Inspired Fathers Day Gift

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque
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BBQ 25 may be the most perfect grill related book on the planet.

On the plus side, it’s shaped like a bible and the pages are laminated. I presume its style is to stand out among a crowded BBQ book niche but also for practicality. Accidentally, drop some sauce or handle with sticky fingers and voila! – you can wipe it off. Brilliant.

The writing style is succinct. Initial pages serve a glossary of techniques to do before cooking, during cooking, after cooking, pre-grilling, direct grilling, indirect grilling, tools, and how to test for doneness. You can learn about the buddy system (another human not required) and how-to kiss with smoke (again, another human not required). Easy.

BBQ 25 is helpfully divided into different kinds of food to cook such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and miscellaneous — fish, veggies, sausages.

Of course, the photos make us drool and that’s always a good thing. Directions encourage the beginner as well as the dad the who has done it all. BBQ 25 will elevate his skills and your tastebuds up a notch or two.

Author Adam Perry Lang is a classically French-trained chef who is into gadgets and scouring unusual ingredients. He’s the founder and co-owner of Daisy May’s BBQ, Zagat-rated best barbeque in NYC – 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Father’s Day is June 20 or everyday. Get dad this inspired gift and you can reap the rewards too.

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