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Weight Watchers isn’t for everyone…

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Weight Watchers is a great system for lots of women trying to loose weight, but it does not always work for everyone. This makes sense because there are lots of diets and healthy lifestyles out there so everyone can pick and choose their own, but I thought my findings on weight watchers were very interesting.

First, I know my Aunt Mary loves it and was on it for many years. She lost a lot of weight after childhood, and it worked for her! Congrats! But for other younger women, I am not seeing the same thing.

I am personally never tried it so I would not know, but two of my close friends are on it to get in shape. Neither of them are heavy by any means, but they wanted to loose 10 lbs. or so and tone up.

First, Kristen was on it for a year during 2009. After a year of loosing almost no weight and following the point system to a tea with regular exercise, she decided it wasn’t working for her. After that time, she decided she was just going to eat what she wanted, and work out the same amount. It has been almost another year and without Weight Watchers she has actually lost about 5 to 10 lbs. and looks amazing. I don’t understand this, but it did not work for her.

Now my other friend…Sarah. She is on weight watchers and started in January. She works out everyday and has been following all the points. She only went over the week she had her wisdom teeth taken out and couldn’t eat solid food. Anyways, she has been on it for 6 months, you can tell no results, and she has actually gained 1 lb.

Again, I am not dissing weight watchers but I found it very interesting how both 20 year olds went on the system and saw no results.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie
    Thanks for the interesting post. I once got my “key” from WW but I don’t like it.
    I specifically don’t like the point system. I don’t the math. And I think there are too many choices.
    Although I like the idea of going to weigh in, I don’t like to sit through a meeting and hear the other people’s problems. It reminds me of group therapy and I didn’t like that either.

  2. Weight loss is all about math. Eat fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight and/or exercise more to burn more calories than you take in and you lose weight.

    Your girlfriends probably were eating too many points. I experienced that when I got near my goal weight. I plateaued (maintained a steady weight) and could only lose more if I reduced my points. 18 points is the minimum number that WW recommends and it worked for me.

    I bet, if you asked them, they were eating too many points, or perhaps they were not measuring and/or weighing their portion sizes and eating more food than they thought.

    I believe in WW 100% and I have successfully maintained my weight for 30 years because of it. Go WW!

  3. Good article, althogh most people fail in achieving their weightloss goals due to lack of consistency in their diet or exercise plans. I think weightloss requires constant motivation and a group support to be effective in long term despite of all the advices given in such blogs.

    A good article nonetheless:)

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