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2010 Extreme Eating Awards

Five Guys - Hamburger
Image by BurgerAustin via Flickr

2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight so obviously something needs to be done. Going out to eat is usually always a lot more calories than eating at home, but some restaurants have developed a “smart choices” menu to help cut back the calories at dinner. These restaurants are smart because they are letting people know you can eat out and not feel bad about yourself, you just have to make healthy choices. On the other hand, there are still very popular restaurants based around some very fatty foods. These 2010 extreme eating awards went to restaurants that top the charts for unhealthy food. Some on the list aren’t surprising, but others are…. makes me kind of scared to eat there now.

1. Five Guys. There hamburger is 700 Calories. OUCH!!! And that is without any toppings or cheese. The McDonald’s Big Mac is 540 calories and people think that is bad. I have never eaten five guys, but it is being very popular, especially around college campuses.

2. Cheesecake Factory. Just one example is the chocolate trouble cake with 1670 Calories and 2 1/2 times your days worth of saturated fat! Yikes. And this isn’t even dinner, just a small dessert after. Cheesecake Factory also wins an award for their Pasta Carbonara. This racks in 2,500 Calories and a 4 day supply of saturated fat.

Among these restaurants mentioned, others that topped the charts were California Pizza Kitchen’s pizza, P.F. Chang’s pan fried noodles, Outback’s lamb and Bob Evans filled pancakes.

Torie Nicholas

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