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Most people are short on money right now because of the economy, so it sometimes seems hard to make a difference and help out when you are struggling yourself, but I have the solution. The mid ohio foodbank is always looking for little donations of non perishable food items. This is a very small contribution that plays a very important role in helping others. These cans the foodbank is looking for can be probably found in the back of your pantry not being used. It really does help.

I have been donating canned good items since High School to various organizations, but I never knew how important it was until I helped deliver fresh donated meals to the poor families in need. This experience happened for me when I was a senior in high school on my Service Learning trip and we each had sites to go to everyday and volunteer. I picked helping out at Meals on Wheels. This organization takes donations, and cooks meals everyday for families and elderly people in the area who cannot afford it themselves. It was a very breathtaking experience to help be part of such a great team delivering the food to those in need. One of the houses I visited was falling apart and a little old man lived there by himself baring surviving. Imagine how excited he was to get the food. After we left the house, the lady in charge of the meals told me he waits by his door everyday at the specified time waiting for his food and a nice smile from the workers because he is so lonely. This is just one story of many how the cans can help out. So please, please donate.

The mid-ohio foodbank is a great organization that also sponsors events to raise money and cans for the poor. You really can make a large difference to others in a small way!

Torie Nicholas

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