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School Cafeteria’s Across the Nation

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This article is about cafeteria’s across the U.S. trying to become healthier. The government is trying to make school selections healthier and have more options available for vegetarians. I understand this, but they think the obesity problems are related to cafeteria food. I think this is true to some extent, but cafeteria’s are going about it the wrong way. For example, Hudson High School, where my brother currently attends, took away a lot of their chips, candy bars and desserts out of the vending machines to help cut down on snacking, but for the real revenue stream, the actual lunch line, they left all the fatty food there. They still serve fries everyday, cookies and other assortment of unhealthy selections. So they are cutting it down in one place, but not in another place in the same cafeteria. To me, this does NOT make sense. Let’s make lunch rooms 100% healthy and start kids off the right way.


Torie Nicholas

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