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Cheesecake Factory Contest

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Image by pgsvensk via Flickr

Not too long ago, I read a blog on this website about the Cheesecake Factory’s contest they were hosting. Basically if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the contest is to create a burger with whatever toppings you want and name it. I thought this was a very cool blog because I love cooking and making my own creations, so I went to the site and created my own burger extravagaza. I named my burger the athena burger and it contained lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese and cucumber sauce on the side. I tried to inspire my burger based on a greek Gyro with a lot of veggies without going too overboard.

I don’t think I will win because I’m sure someone has a better burger creation out there, but it was still very cool to go on the site and go through the process. The site contest is very interactive, and after you create your burger, you can go to the gallery and view other burgers created. One of the burgers in the gallery I saw was almost exactly like mine, but with olive oil…. great minds think alike i guess, but others were just gross. One person made a burger with everything on it and it just sounded gross.

Basically, it was a fun online project and you might even win a trip if you are creative 🙂

Torie Nicholas

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