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Birthday Specials

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My birthday is next week and I wanted to be able to go to a nice lunch or two with my friends, but I am on a tight budget. This budget was not going to stop me, so I started looking for solutions and ways to minimize a lunch or dinner trip out with friends. After looking around a little bit I found the PERFECT website for Birthday Freebies. This site contains free coupons for lunches, dinners, desserts, and other treats from various restaurants and shops. Some of the coupons are completely free and others are BOGO’s. So after finding these amazing deals what did I do?… I signed up for like 30 of them and when all the coupons arrive via email, which many already have, I will get to sit down and pick the best deals to go with my friends.

Even if you don’t think there will be a coupon for you, I urge you to go look on this site because there really are coupons for everything! Some of the offers for free food are also if you just join the eclub, not even requiring an upcoming birthday event.

So come on savers.. let’s get to work and find some awesome coupons!!! I know I did 🙂


Torie Nicholas

  1. I ended up using a free orange julius coupon, free slushie coupon, free bagel and cream cheese coupon and more…. but not all in one day

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