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Bizarre Food: Arizona Travel Channel

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The host Andrew Zimmern will be showcasing Arizona  this coming Monday, May 17  at 10 E/P on Travel Channel.

I just previewed Bizarre Food on the Travel Channel.

Vegetarians/vegan…don’t even go there.

According to the approved episode description: Andrew uncovers unique food traditions in the great state of Arizona, where the spirit of the Wild West still lives strong today. From native traditions of the Navajo to the New Agers’ approach to food, this state offers an abundance of bizarre foods.

Tucsonans will see some of their well known and not so known restaurants and mobile unit as well as Native American traditions  from Monumental Valley and some other oddities including roadkill.

This show is not a postcard for Arizona, there were too many guns (which could mirror the state and the male mentality but some of my female friends claim to own and shoot guns).

This is the unapproved episode description: I walked out of the room when I heard, “gamey rectal stomach happiness.”

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